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Design Sprints

From an idea to a validated working prototype in four days. That’s the promise of a Design Sprint.

This methodology is a flexible framework to address common problems within organizations and projects:

  • Teams find it hard to align on common business objectives.
  • Teams often work towards unclear goals and the project scope changes rapidly.
  • Teams lack real data on which to base business decisions, instead of relying on endless internal discussions.
  • Teams (and organizations in general) need to be “innovative” but don’t know where to start.
  • Are potential users waiting for a product to be launched?

If you recognize one or multiple of these problems, Design Sprints are an excellent way to gain momentum by creating a production-like product in a short amount of time without losing time asking for approval, a business decision to be made, or communication within a project team.

A Design Sprint is a four-day workshop to build and validate digital products or services:

Day 1: Uncover the challenge and solution research

Day 2: Solution choice and storyboarding

Day 3: Ideation, prototyping and rapid development

Day 4: User testing

The outcome of this workshop is a “real” product, tested by “real” users. Because stakeholders are also included in the process, business objectives and long term goals are clearly outlined during the workshops. Everyone is on the same page. Always.