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UX & prototyping

UX design and prototyping are a great way to visualize complex flows and applications.  Using wireframes, you’ll be able to put focus on the functional aspect of your new project without being distracted by things such as colors, typography or images.

Based on our experience, we’ve created a clear methodology to develop clear deliverables:


Based on User research and defining top tasks for every stakeholder of the project, we’re able to clearly outline the goals and successes of the upcoming project.


By creating quick outlines in the form of a mind map, both internal and external structure will be visible.  This documents will proof and validate the first high-level concepts.


Once the general concept is signed off,  prototypes of every page type (product page, blog page, etc.) will be created to fully visualize the different screens of the application.


During a presentation, the prototype and related assets will be handed over to the project team.  The next step is to write a functional and/or technical analysis where a detailed description of every feature will be instrumental before a proper handover to the development team.

Want to talk about the user experience of your next project?

We’re more than happy to discuss the challenges you are facing with your current or next project.  Let’s talk in a proper way, with a good cup of coffee on us off course!

Clients we’ve helped with ux & prototyping

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